3 Times in Life When You Need MORE Patience!

Caught this video on YouTube talking about patience. Honestly, I can become better at being patient. I’m a very fast paced person who likes to see results immediately. I’m not interested in foolishness and stupidity. Due to this i show very little to no tolerance for people. I have a habit of showing people the exit instead of seeing that some people are worth spending time with and helping them become better. Yeah it takes time but in the end it will be worth it. So i’ve heard. I enjoy being around people who can move like lightening, however everything has a process and what comes with that process is time.

I am not a patient person and I need to become better and better at this. The problem for me and with many others patience is closely related to feeling a sense of loss of control. Sometimes I don’t like that I don’t have full and total control over a situation, circumstances or outcome of an event taking place. So instead I rush everything missing and appreciation nothing. Sometimes situations and events in life are not ideal. I would rather have the easier route. I wouldn’t perfer to be around this particular person for long time or go through certain things teaching me wisdom and helping me grow.

Hey, that’s why we need patience, but more so have understanding and knowledge that begats wisdom in teaching us what it is exactly that we’re patient to and for. So with that being said enjoy the video learning 3 times in life that we need to display patience.

Remember: Take a page out of a farm’s book

7 thoughts on “3 Times in Life When You Need MORE Patience!

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    Lord, please give me more patience, but I want it right NOW!”

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  2. You just sound like a SAVAGE which is totally fine tbh!..the only thing is the fact that you stated that you “rush” things which is never good…I dunno, maybe the world’s too slow for you. Maybe you’re on some kinda unique frequency..who knows? Don’t beat yourself about the whole patience thing though.

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