So I should be asleep getting some rest preparing myself for work tomorrow. Couldn’t help myself on YouTube looking at compilations of the Martin Show and the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. I got this quote app installed on my phone. Yeah, I’mma sucker for good quotes. I got an interesting one that says,

Love is a universal solution to all human problems. It heals wounds, mends broken hearts, unite enemies and encourages growth. Love is all we need everyday and everywhere.

This quote got me thinking that love is a universal language that all of us should speak. This should be a requirement instead it isn’t. We speak the language of taxes, borrower, lender, anger, busy, annoyed, fed up, tierd, mad, selfish, ego, etc. However, all of us is lacking that important piece that will complete the puzzle in our lives. Love. I mean it’s amazing to me how one thing. One simple act can cover a multitude of garbage that each and everyone of us is facing and going thru in life. Not just the word Love, not just someone speaking I love you but the act of performing the duties of love can affect, impact all of our lives in such a tremendous way.

See some where along the way, all of us have strayed away from the principle of love and instead is settling to do the bare minimum. Love can only be affective in someone’s life if the person that is speaking the word actually perform the task and duties and the person receiving is open, willing and able to accept. But something is missing. As I write these words I feel a since of incomplete.

I mean true you have to not just speak but act. I mean duh! You got to put in the work and effort. Also, yeah the other person has to stop asking and searching but wake up and realize what is right there in front of them and accept it whole hearted. True it takes two to tangle. But more so than just giving somebody love, you must be genuine because if you are just saying, speaking love. Doing the act of love without any care or authentic reasoning behind it. Well, the love that you give won’t carry much weight. It will be ineffective.

So yeah we all need love. Let’s stop holding onto someone else solution and spread that love to the four corners of this world, but remember don’t do it because I say do it. Do it because it’s in you to give. Do it because it’s in you to think of others. Do it because it’s in you to want to see people become better. Do it because it’s in you to be genuine about it.

Fisherofmen out