Dope picture it really captures a person’s point of view from the airplane window of what they may have to endure making home or where ever they will be staying at a different location that they are visiting. However, a wise womans journey made a dope blog post and ask for us to get in on the action so I couldn’t say no.
Fisherofmen wrote:
All I see is drops of water on the airplane window. The back of another plane that I can see also through the window. Im ready to get off this plane, please say thank you for flying with us and dismiss us so we can go. Awwww crap it looks windy outside too. Dark skies and wet. I hope I don’t step in a puddle and get wet. I hope I don’t step in a puddle and strink or sink. Boy I can’t swim. Oh great the wind. I may get blown across the airport. All I want to do is go to baggage claim, flag down a taxi and leave. Made it home finally. Warm blanket, clean clothes, nice hot shower. Relax and chill. Hot chocolate, hot coffee, apple cider on the stove. Who knows? I’m just glad I’m inside chillin. Long day had to navigate my way through hell and back. Weather man said rain, dark windy skies @ 8pm. It’s 1pm and I look up at the skies and see this. My wife tells me the mail got all soak and wet. Keyshaun, oh Keyshaun. What? Mail wet. I don’t hear her I’m too into basketball. Then out the coner of my eye I see a wet dog. Heavy rain drops, hahaa man it’s pouring. Now I can’t watch TV because the rain is messing with the satellite dish. Wet, dark windy day, wet dog who walks over to me looking like a sad dog, wet mail, white pages no black ink. Can’t see tv because rain is messing with the frequency and the dish. I look back at the wet sad dog and laugh. Which reminds me. Yo mami. Remember being outside in that mess?