You know what I have come to realize in my twenty-six years on this planet, is that parents they make alot of mistakes. Some big and some small. Parents don’t mean to but they don’t know what they are supposed to be doing. Parents don’t know the correct way to raise a child. All parents know is what they can do. I don’t care about the number of parenting books that have been written. None can prepare you to handle a mirroring image of youself. Each child is different and they have to be treated as such. As I am writing this I sit back and think on how I didn’t have much to worry about when I was a child. My childhood was relaxing. I played, laughed, was bad, difficult, hardhead didn’t have any care in the world. I never knew that my parents were struggling to make ends meet. I never realize in my fun that we were barely keeping our heads above water. I didn’t notice this until the age of eleven or twelve. I had no idea that my mom would go to bed hungry because there was only enough food for me and my sister. I didn’t realize that my dad would work his butt off for ten plus hours receiving little pay and is tierd, body aching. Just to stick his key in the door and walk up fourteen stairs and to be greeted by a son with anger and disappointment toward him because he promised that little boy that around 1or 2 pm he would be off of work and take him to the park. Now it’s 8 and 9 pm and my dad boss has him working late. That little boy knees and legs are numb from crounch down and looking out the window speculating that every bald black man with glasses could be his dad. I didn’t know that my parents were making executive decision of paying the rent or using some money to pay both the gas/light or phone bill. I didn’t realize that some time we didn’t have money to afford toothpaste. You mean to tell me those 7pm walks to Walgreens that I would take with my mom. I was being a pain in the butt once we we’re in the store. I wanted her to buy toothpaste plus and WWE wrestling toy. There we only enough money for toothpaste. When my parents would give me a simple task to do you mean to tell me I made your job hell because I complicated everything because I wanted my way. Yo, I didn’t know that I was hurting your heart because I was placing unrealistic expectations upon your shoulders. Just showing the immaturity and ignorance of not knowing what you two went through as parents day after day. Dang, I didn’t think that I was undermining your authority when I would compare you to my friends parents saying,

how come you don’t allow me to be a child?

You would say, Keyshaun stay where I can see you. You can ride your bike from this green pole to this green pole.

Why don’t you trust me to go down to the other end of the block and play with my friends?

Keyshaun stay where I can see.

Now I realize at the age of twenty-six with the only friend being my wife. That it had nothing to do with trust. You had the foresight to see that the boys and girls that I wanted to play with so desperately didn’t have a future. You could see that there moms and dads allowed them to do whatever. You were preparing me to have a future. You established from a early age an order that I would have to adhere to. You seen that the people that I associated with that fun at the other end of the block would be their past, present and future. You knew that your son has greatness within him and in order for that to manisfest. Light could not fellowship with darkness. I didn’t know, I didn’t understand that me riding my bike from one light pole to the other light pole in front of the house was a metaphor. Showing me that you can’t do whatever you want in life and expect to be safe, secure, and successful. That was your way of establishing order, instilling discipline and teaching me how to follow directions to gain the trust of my parents. I didn’t know I assumed that you didn’t want me to enjoy my youth. But now I see and looking back I can say wow, look at how far I’ve come. So thank you.

You know people I understand that not everyone has the fortune to have a dad and a mom present in the home. Some have a single parent household. Some have guardians like a grandmother, grandfather, aunties or uncle’s raising them. Others may have foster parents. Whoever is presuming the role of a parent for you. Appreciate it. Honor and respect them. They are there for you. When you need food, they feed you. When you need water, they supplied you with something to drink. When you didn’t love yourself. They loved you. When you believed that you couldn’t do it. You wouldn’t amount to anything. You were on the brenk of quitting they were your biggest supporter. They cheered you on and told you to not quit carry on. When you need wisdom and knowledge, they were there to give it. When you lacked, struggled, suffered, and was wounded. They nurtured you back to health.

You have to know that parents/guardiansĀ  don’t know what to expect. They got thrown into this just like you. When you were chilling in heaven you weren’t saying I hope that I get parents like them. You were born to who ever was fortunate enough to have a child. Both sides have to make it easy on one another. Our parents once we’re children themselves. So they know the tricks and schemes. But they are still learning you. Heck they are still learning themselves with you. So what am I saying. Help them help you. Let’s not make it hard on them and ourselves. Respect them. Honor them. Love them. Cherish your parents/guardians. For when the original leaves this Earth, that’s it. There is no new pair. One set of awesomeness is all we get.