Yesterday was definitely freezing cold. It’s sad to hear on the new that 8 people died yesterday due to freezing temperatures. I was hoping that I would not receive a weather report from the WGN news app stating that. Hopefully the rest of us stayed inside and drank some hot coffee, hot chocolate or some hot apple cider; stayed in bed and watched some Netflix, ate and just chilled. But if you had to go to work like me, I just want to say I’m sorry. I was definitely outside saying to my self that the sky hate us. We chicagoans did something to tick thw sky off. I was trying to figure out what I do to deserve this. If you were a gangbanger in Chicago, IN THIS COLD still tryna rep a block and do crime, YOU CRAZY. I’ll see ya come spring. It was so cold outside, I almost called my family members to say, “look in case we never talk again, I’m sorry. For whatever reason, I’m sorry and there’s $4.37 in the account use it for something special. Don’t spend it all at once now.”

I’m driving along side lake shore drive and I look to the left and I noticed all of this mist coming off lake Michigan. The mist was going directly up into the air. Lake Michigan looked like a cauldron.


But what made me upset is that these lying meteorologist said that if anybody was outside longer than 4 minutes you will be frost bitten.


Bruh! Are you serious. It was more like 4 seconds. Man I took my hands out my coat just to wipe my noise. Hands and finger nails instantly froze. So I said ” it is what it is.” Maaaaaannnn, look. I let my noise do it’s own thang and drip. If it wasn’t for work I would have had my black butt inside.

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