“The only reason why you are good at sports is because you’re tall.”

“If someone invested in me, just like someone did you. I would be better off.”

“Not all of us can do what you can do.”

“If I had the same resources, I too would have a better life.”

Yo, what it do. I wish people would stop saying asinine statements. Just run your own race and pay attention to what you have. Stop focusing so much attention toward what someone else has. All you are doing is coveting their goods and not realizing that you are diminshing the gifts, talents and abilities that you have.

It’s very easy to lose sight of what you were given, because in this day and time people are so consumed by the product of “being like others.” That we do not focus on what we can cultivate and accomplish.

For example, I used to play basketball. I didn’t play basketball like the average high schooler. I had skills that you will only obtain from playing with and against individuals that are older, stronger and faster. Not to mention I would practice for 8 to 10 hours daily. I began to notice that the guys on the team couldn’t understand how was I more advance than them. I would hear some say, “we do the same drills, practice everyday. How come we are not at the same level, if not better than Keyshaun?”

I hated hearing this for three reasons

1) This would cause division amongst the basketball team.

2) We are practicing for the betterment of “we” not “I.”

3) They were using my final product as the measuring stick for their own success.

Many people do this. This is no secret. We all have particular people in our life that are more proficient in life than most  whether at work, school. Heck, even if we are in the grocery store and spot a person. As humans we know proficiency when we see it.

We “admire” other people too much. While there is nothing wrong with showing respect, having great appreciation for another person’s gifts, talents and abilities. Our admiration goes into a area of “coveting.” We’re plagued with this disease of “I want what he/she got” so much, that we will deny it immediately if brought to our attention.

Here’s the problem with using a person’s final product as the measuring stick for your success.

1) You have no idea what they had to endure to reach the level of success that they have.

Many of us want the success, the fame, the accolades, but few will put in the work. DO NOT COVET SOMEONE ELSE SUCCESS. My mom would always say, “stop wishing that you had someone else life. You have no idea the hell that they probably had to endure to recieve everything that they have.”

Question- Are you ready to endure seen and unseen trials and tribulations that they endured just to get what they have?

(Think about it)

2) You are losing out on your own success

While you are spending so much energy and effort on replicating your life to have what they got. You are pretty much telling Yahuah (God) that you don’t appreciate the life that you currently have. Everything would be better if “I were them.” STOP DOING THIS BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE. You are being ungrateful. Oneday you are going to wake up mentally realizing that you have wasted your opportunities and try to access them. You will find out that thise very same opportunities that you once had may not be accessible anymore.

3) Stop disrespecting yourself

There is only one you. The heavenly father has given you gifts, talents, and abilities, just like everyone else. No one person is more special than the rest. Just like how you are marvelling after other people things. Someone is doing you the exact same way. DO NOT EVER FORGET that you have gifts, talent and abilities that have yet to be accessed. All of us are created different. Some of is show greatness immediately. While others have to grow into greatness. I think they call those particular individuals “late bloomers.” It doesn’t matter. Whether later, early, midday blooming. All that matter is did you bloom?

4) stop trying to have the complete package

My dad will always say, “you can’t have it all. You can’t win everything.” Smart man. We spend more time striving to be this complete person. Failing to realize that we will never achieve this. Show me one perfect, complete individual walking the face of this Earth. Go ahead, show me. I’ll wait. I’m waiting.


Look life is like sports. Sports being a microcosm for life. Everyday is another day to get better. You strive everyday for excellence, not obtain it in five minutes. It’s a marathon not a sprint.

5) Work on sharpening what you have, not what you don’t have.

We are all blessed with attributes that help is survive in the world. The talents, gifts and abilities that were are born with are essential. When they are not exercised and given the appropriate attention that they warrant. We become missed placed and lose out on life.

6) Stop trying to become somebody, something and someone that you are not.

“Be secure in who you are and what you are.” This particular episode of “Kings of Queens.” Carey has been pressured by her dad Arthur Spooner into making a Thanksgiving dinner just like her deased mother used to. When going through the grocery store she runs into a women with a cart full of ingredients to make a thanksgiving dinner. Carey ask the lady questions on making stuffing and really Carey could cook so she really just wanted to use the women’s grocery list as a cheat sheet for assistance on what to buy. So instead of telling her father that she is not going to cook a traditional Thanksgiving meal. She decides to follow the women throughout the store. Every isle this women went down Carey was there. Carey grabbed and put in the cart every grocery item that the women grab. Now just because Carey has the exact same grocery items as the other women. Does that mean Carey is the exact same cook as the women from the grocery store?

(Think about it)

Final Note:

Be yourself. There is only one you. CumtivstC your gifts, talents and abilities. Admire no man, but Yahuah (God) and you will achieve the inevitable.

With man this is impossible; but with God all things are possible

Matthew 19:26

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