I guess, I’m just not motivated


“To reach your destination, you need a direction, but you can’t get there without inspiration”


Imagine going to the gym day after day working toward that ideal body. When you first opened a gym membership you were sold this idea that this particular gym is the best ever. Helping you get that summer beach body is their first and only priority. The gym representatives take you on a tour of the facility. You see that the gym has some pretty cool features. The gym have a spa, massage room, sauna, pools, rock climbing, basketball courts, etc. All throughout the facility you see posters advertising “this could be you” with both male and female having the perfect toned, sculped body that you dream of having. As you’re walking through the facility you’re noticing the various different people working out in the gym. From your point of view it appears that everyone there has reached their goal of being toned, firm, strong and muscular. Not taking into account that there are a couple of scrwany people sprinkled throughout the gym. Once completion of the paper work, touring and processing of payment is complete. You shake hands with the gym manager and leave. On your way out your walking pass the apperal and water bottles. Out of you peripheral, to the far right of the service desk you spot a poster.


You hear a voice in the distant say “bye, have a nice day.” You responded “you too” off of impulse, but you are both mesmerized and questioning how accurate this poster is toward getting results. So you pull out your phone and snap a quick pic to keep as a constant reminder. Never really realizing that this poster is proped in front of the door for people to see. You finally leave the gym; walking through the parking lot to your car. You tell yourself “that’s going to be me.” In twelve weeks the whole world will see a new and improved me. Driving down the street you start playing in your head frame by frame how your body is going to morph overtime and mirror the models body advertised on the gym posters. You receive this fuzzy, warm, tingling, euphoric feeling as you keep repeating “this should be easy to accomplish. I got the blueprint for accomplishing this. I just go to the gym and work out everyday. I will see change happening to my body over the course of me reaching these three milestones.”

Now from week 1 to week 6 you faced alot of trials and tribulations. You never once considered the work that it will take for you to recieve the body of your dreams. You walked into the gym off of manufactured confidence that was sold through advertisment.


I’m using this story because I noticed that as people we become uninspiried, unmotivated for things in our life that require determination, diligence and repetion. In the end it takes a process to get to your desired goal.

Here are 6 helpful for to stay the course:

1) Establish a vision for yourself

Since we don’t have a vision for ourselves many of times we begin a process with the mindset of “I’ll figure it out when I get there.” So what ends up happening to use is that we put our life, our responsibility into the hands of other people and expect them to complete the job for us. No, this is wrong because we are making other people accountable “in doing for us, what we can do for ourselves.” DO NOT run away from having a vision for your life. People understand that when you place the responsibility of your life into someone else hands you are crippling yourself. You are withholding yourself back from wholeness and happiness.  One of the most powerful things in this world that a human can do is “make up his/her mind.” Be mentally invested in your own life.

2) What’s your plan for action/blueprint

Coming up with a plan for action or blueprint is very important as well. I mean you must seek out ways that you will fulfill a goal. DO NOT be afraid to do research for what you are seeking for in life. Becoming knowledgeable on topics of interest not only shows that you are immersing yourself, but you are finding ways on how to “begin” the process. This is important because how can draw up a blueprint and act on it if you do not know where to begin?

3) Put plan into motion/act on it

“Stop waiting for the prefect time. There is no such thing. Only now or never.” Many times there arise a excuse but I want to inform you about something. This is classified information. Ready. Okay. In life we are given many wonderful opportunities and while that is a blessing to have. Your opportunities are only for a moment. If you choose to not act on it then it will and can pass you by. So realize that everyday you open your eyes you have a chance to grab hold to your plan, purpose, destiny and take the opportunities for what it is worth. Your window of opportunity is only for a moment. So act on it now.

4) Remember be patient

Everything takes times before you can see the full manifestation of the process. DO NOT feel discouraged when you don’t see results in a short amount of time or a projected time. It’s natural for us to rush growth. We expect to see results in 5 minutes from something that may take a lifetime to change. Now, the rate at which you start or perform does not equal results right away. You just started, so you are in a building stage; establishing a sturdy, firm foundation.

5) Don’t give up/endure til the end

Alot of times we get bored with the process and seek newer forms of stimuli to excite us; keep us in tune with the process. No, that is not how life works. You are in the process of building toward greatness and by you changing the plan you will throw off your rhythm, “MESS UP YOUR FLOW.” You have yet to see if the plan works. So why go and change it? “Because you are not at the place that you desire to be. This is supposed to be your motivation.” DO NOT look for this instant oatmeal solution to a problem. “How fast you get it, that is how fast you can lose it.” I know that we want to skip the process and get the results, but you will miss the lesson of working hard for what you want. Establishing the determination, stamina and endurance you need to succeed. You do not want to reach your goal, then later in life having to go backwards istead of moving forward because along the way you did not develop the knowledge and understanding to obtain and maintain. DO NOT SEE BEAUTY in going from 1 to 10 and missing steps 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9. THE REAL BEAUTY IS IN THE PROCESS NOT THE REWARD.




Wassup world. I am Keyshaun Jamel Collins and what can I say about myself. First thing is that I never thought that I would be sharing my life, thoughts, experiences, ideas, and dreams aka my business with the world. I’m simply an introverted guy who views the world differently but prefers to keep to myself. I graduated from college nine months ago with my Bachelors of Science degree in psychology. That’s a big accomplishment for me. Yet, that’s not about me. I am a Chicago native born and raised to a black dad and mom who are still married till this day. That don’t describe me. I got a Puerto Rican and Mexican fiancée; my guy friends I had to break free from them because they were jealous. Couldn’t understand how I had the tools to get that one girl, while they stepped up to the plate swung and missed. That’s not about me. Went outside day after day practicing on what started as a dream in hopes of one day becoming a reality. I did not have the mental strength to let this curricular activity go, so I could realize that this was meant to be metaphor to teach me life and prepare me for my true gift. Now that’s me. I am a firm believer in to whom much is given, much is required (Luke 12:48). My goal is to give back, it is very easy to receive so much in life, but the real reward is to give back that knowledge so you can help the next fellow man under you struggling in whatever his/her situation may be. Through this website I have an opportunity to inspire, encourage and motivate. Paint a picture with my words while telling a story about my struggles, hard aches and pains; also the down falls and faults that I bare witness to everyday while I interact with numerous people everyday. How am I able to achieve this, simple I know myself. I know my self worth as a man because I envision it, claim it, speak it and walk in my authority confidently because I understand it. Like my dad and mom always say “If you don’t stand for something than you’ll fall for anything. Now that’s me.

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