Origin of the Catholic Church: The Sexual Abuse Scandal Part 1

Alright yall, this story was covered by the Chicago Tribune December 20th that in Illinois their is more than “500 priest accused of sexual abuse against children.” I’m still trying to figure out why is this a news report. It is sad and sickening the things that are happening to these children, but the world should know about the Catholic church. They have a long history of sexual abuse allegations against them. I don’t know what you, the viewer maybe thinking about when it comes to this topic. As for me, my spidey senses are tingling. I don’t think that these priest are being interviewed and are allowed to become priest and then years later they are being caught up in sexual abuse scandals. I believe that this is a learned act. I believe that this is widely accepted amongst the priesthood of the Catholic church. I mean let’s be honest, one sexual abuse allegation against the church. They may get a pass, because that particular priest may have a history of being a pervert. Two sexual abuse allegations against the church. Then the world’s people are giving a eye raise. You mean to tell me 500 sexual abuse allegations later and “is much higher than previously acknowledged” just in the state of Illinois. Then, this tells me that people are unleashing all types of hell upon these children and it is going undetected. This is being swept under the rug. Someone or something is covering this up just to maintain the image of the Catholic church as “Holy” and it is not.

People like to correlate the Church with the bible. People the Catholic Church has nothing to do with the bible. If the truth came out about the Catholic church people would loose faith in the bible as having any validity. The Catholic Church is a direct descendant of the Babylonian Mystery System that is set up under Nimrod and Semiramis. The Catholic Church is from the Chaldean Mysteries “Mother Goddess Worship” that was set up by Semiramis. So why are the clergy/priest being caught up in sexual abuse allegations. Well, “Celibacy” is a practice that dates back thousands of years to Babylon and Semiramis. This man-made tradition has done damage to the church. For example, “315 A.D. a edict forbidding a priest to be remarried if his wife died.” Also, in “386 A.D. an edict allowing a priest to be married but forbidding them to have sexual intercourse with their wives.” Source: (www.eaec.org/cults/romancatholic.htm) but wait I thought that the heavenly father established in the Garden of Eden a wife for Adam. During those times and still to this day, because remember there is nothing new under the sun Ecclesiastes 1:9. The priest/clergy and the Pope were so sexually deprived that they had to barred animals from the church. The Nuns are not exempt from this, they were so bad that they had a reputation of being worst than a brothel.

So why the clergy/priest are sexually abusing children. Well it’s because these priest are priest of Dagan (The Fish god) aka Baal aka Nimrod. These priest venerate the god Pan (Roman god Faunus) who is the god of the shepherds, wild, flocks, and a nymph. He is the goat god who is always depicted with the erect phallus. This is very important, Pan is a god of MAN-BOY LOVE AKA PEDERASTY. Pan is also where we get the story Peter Pan from and the lost boys. He is the woolen god that would lure boys into the woods with his panpipes. This is not a pedophile problem but a pederasty problem. These priest/clergy and pope see divine beauty in having a sexual relationship with a boy. 



Picture: Peter Pan (panpipes); Pan (has his panpipes), Bottom Aphrodite, Pan and Eros aka Semiramis, Nimrod, Tammuz)

I’ll pick up on this more in part two but it is important that you know and understand what you are looking at. I’m not interested in breaking this article down found on the Chicago tribune website, ill let you do that. I’m interested in explaining who these people are? What these people believe and serve? Why they do what they do? It’s important to know so we can stop reading this article with just amazement of why the catholic church can’t catch a break from sexual allegations.



Fisher of Men

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