Oh Chicago

Yesterday was definitely freezing cold. It’s sad to hear on the new that 8 people died yesterday due to freezing temperatures. I was hoping that I would not receive a weather report from the WGN news app stating that. Hopefully the rest of us stayed inside and drank some hot coffee, hot chocolate or some hot apple cider; stayed in bed and watched some Netflix, ate and just chilled. But if you had to go to work like me, I just want to say I’m sorry. I was definitely outside saying to my self that the sky hate us. We chicagoans did something to tick thw sky off. I was trying to figure out what I do to deserve this. If you were a gangbanger in Chicago, IN THIS COLD still tryna rep a block and do crime, YOU CRAZY. I’ll see ya come spring. It was so cold outside, I almost called my family members to say, “look in case we never talk again, I’m sorry. For whatever reason, I’m sorry and there’s $4.37 in the account use it for something special. Don’t spend it all at once now.”

I’m driving along side lake shore drive and I look to the left and I noticed all of this mist coming off lake Michigan. The mist was going directly up into the air. Lake Michigan looked like a cauldron.


But what made me upset is that these lying meteorologist said that if anybody was outside longer than 4 minutes you will be frost bitten.


Bruh! Are you serious. It was more like 4 seconds. Man I took my hands out my coat just to wipe my noise. Hands and finger nails instantly froze. So I said ” it is what it is.” Maaaaaannnn, look. I let my noise do it’s own thang and drip. If it wasn’t for work I would have had my black butt inside.

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Hunger for knowledge, thrist for understanding

Fisher Of Men

Recap on struggle


Reading through all of the blog post and the post that caught my attention the most was “Struggle” by Krista Stevens, Discover. Shout out to her this was pretty awesome. It definitely made me think.

“I struggle with thoughts about how I would live my life if I knew I had only days. We all ask ourselves that question at some point. But seriously, pause for a minute, move past the cliché of that question, and think about it.”

This made me think and yeah, she is right. I too have had thoughts about how would I live my life if I only had days left. However, I can’t think to ponder for very long on that question because I would be teasing myself. Why would I do what most people do on this Earth and wait until my last couple of days. Last couple of hours and use that time to really begin to live. I have that chance right now.

In my humble opinion there is no struggle in thinking how you would live your life having only a few days left. The real struggle is making your mind up to do that which you desire to do.

We all have wondered and questioned ourselves on this matter. Question, why wait until you have a couple of days, why not live your life now? Tomorrow is not promised.

Hunger for knowledge, thrist for understanding.

Fisher Of Men

Finding youself

“Life isn’t about finding yourself, all that you are is within you. You just have to access it.”


What it do.

So, I am sitting at home in amazment of how I have a website. Where I am writing hopefully to inspire, motivate and making people think. I’m building toward one day standing on a stage or even writing books that will challenge people to strengthen their mind. For people to survive in this world we have to be mentally strong because that is what being attacked the most. From sun up to sun down, our mind is heavily targeted. For example, how do you kill a snake?

Before starting this website. I thought that I had to go on this journey to find myself. I thought that I would have to isolate myself from society to understand everything that I am and hope to be. I thought that i had to go on this spiritual journey in order for me to unlock my true self. I thought that I would oneday, maybe someday have this deep revelation or epiphany.

Hahaa, now looking back, I was doing the most. I was being extra, because I did not want to change. I did not want to evolve as a person. I wanted comfort. I used to play basketball alot and as a little kid I had dreams of going to the NBA. You see when I went to college that dream began to fade away. I didn’t believe that I was given a fair chance to showcase what I had. I tried holding on, but all good things come to an end. For about two years, I was lost. I didn’t know what I would amount to at all. I felt hurt and robbed. I would have turned to people for advice and help, but people were to busy blowing up my phone asking me for direction. I couldn’t go to them. People look at me like if I don’t have struggles. They must think that I’m strong 24/7. I mean hurt to. I need someone to talk to as well. Apparently I was strong enough to help other people even though I was facing my own demons. Oneday I was sitting in my dorm chilling. Minding my own business as usual. I could see a picture in my head of my dad when I was 12. I heard a voice say “I bet you think that I’m teaching you how to play basketball? I’m teaching you life.” Then I had a oh crap moment. That thing that I have been chasing since my youth was never for me. In that moment I began to realize that I was in school earning a psychology degree. I have friends and family who always talk to me seeking advice, understanding, direction and knowledge on particular situations.

I soon realized that the heavenly father has been allowing certain situations to take place in my life. To show me who I am. It’s amazing because everyone else seen what i possed. I was the only one who didn’t. Let me be honest for a moment 1) I never understood it. 2) That was not the plan and vision that I had for myself. I didn’t have to search far. I didn’t have to go on a journey. I needed to stop fighting and listen. I have the ability to encourage, motivate, inspire and teach. My gift is that I can take information that I have learned, heard, experienced. I can take it and communicate it to people in such a way that it impacts your life and warrant change.

I don’t know who will read this. I just hope that you find a answer to your question. You see I’m thankful for the 20 subscribers that I have. This blog is not as big as all the other blogs out there. You know that’s cool, because I have some more grinding that I need to do. I see all that this blog can be and im just getting started. I’m appreciative for where I am currently. One day I will get there. Until then Imma keep grinding. Thank you for rocking with ya boy. However, I write to touch people. I write because I have a solution to the problem. I would love if everyone will hunger for knowledge and thrist for understanding. You see I write because all of us are attacked mentally everyday. I am very interested in studying people mentally. Anaylzing why people say, think and do the things that they do. In my bias opinion, I believe the reason why so many of people tap out on life, before it really begin. It is due to their mind being under attack. Wether through forms of suicide, substance abuse or just quiting. More clearly we all lack mental stability. I personally believe that not alot of people know how important and special that they really truly are. For example, the most high has a plan and purpose for our lives. But we miss something, if the most high has a plan and purpose for your life. Then wouldn’t you be apart of that plan and purpose? He don’t do things by accident or coincidence. The theme, message, content that I keep presenting is “change your mentality and you will change your reality.” The mind is a muscle, it should be exercise as such. I would love to reach everyone, but I know that everyone has to want to be reached. If I could just reach one somebody. Man, I have done my job.

Hunger for knowledge, thirst for understanding

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Fisher of men

I just had to go for it

I caught this video on YouTube and I agree with the brotha. Don’t you want to see all that you can be. I mean don’t you want to achieve everything that you are, can and will be. Don’t you just want to reach out and grab hold to Yahuah (God) hand and allow him to show you; to take you there? Is there anything in your life worth you having the mentality to just say, no more thinking, guessing or making excuses. I am going for this, because I gotta see. I gotta know? It’s interesting because this can be used not to obtain riches, but wealth. I don’t mean money. I mean health, a better mentality. A better focus, because many of us dream of that next level in our lives (whatever that next level maybe), but we ignore the voice telling us to go for it. It’s yours, if you would just move and listen you will have it. Don’t sit there and question or come up with a thousand excuses for the reasons why, for the reasons why. All of us can, shall and will achieve greatness. Stop looking at that 1 or 2 percent and saying well “they were destined for greatness. They were born to be what they are.” That’s garbage, we were all born with a level of greatness. It’s just a matter of DO YOU WANT IT.

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Never use a person’s final product as the measuring stick for your success.

“The only reason why you are good at sports is because you’re tall.”

“If someone invested in me, just like someone did you. I would be better off.”

“Not all of us can do what you can do.”

“If I had the same resources, I too would have a better life.”

Yo, what it do. I wish people would stop saying asinine statements. Just run your own race and pay attention to what you have. Stop focusing so much attention toward what someone else has. All you are doing is coveting their goods and not realizing that you are diminshing the gifts, talents and abilities that you have.

It’s very easy to lose sight of what you were given, because in this day and time people are so consumed by the product of “being like others.” That we do not focus on what we can cultivate and accomplish.

For example, I used to play basketball. I didn’t play basketball like the average high schooler. I had skills that you will only obtain from playing with and against individuals that are older, stronger and faster. Not to mention I would practice for 8 to 10 hours daily. I began to notice that the guys on the team couldn’t understand how was I more advance than them. I would hear some say, “we do the same drills, practice everyday. How come we are not at the same level, if not better than Keyshaun?”

I hated hearing this for three reasons

1) This would cause division amongst the basketball team.

2) We are practicing for the betterment of “we” not “I.”

3) They were using my final product as the measuring stick for their own success.

Many people do this. This is no secret. We all have particular people in our life that are more proficient in life than most  whether at work, school. Heck, even if we are in the grocery store and spot a person. As humans we know proficiency when we see it.

We “admire” other people too much. While there is nothing wrong with showing respect, having great appreciation for another person’s gifts, talents and abilities. Our admiration goes into a area of “coveting.” We’re plagued with this disease of “I want what he/she got” so much, that we will deny it immediately if brought to our attention.

Here’s the problem with using a person’s final product as the measuring stick for your success.

1) You have no idea what they had to endure to reach the level of success that they have.

Many of us want the success, the fame, the accolades, but few will put in the work. DO NOT COVET SOMEONE ELSE SUCCESS. My mom would always say, “stop wishing that you had someone else life. You have no idea the hell that they probably had to endure to recieve everything that they have.”

Question- Are you ready to endure seen and unseen trials and tribulations that they endured just to get what they have?

(Think about it)

2) You are losing out on your own success

While you are spending so much energy and effort on replicating your life to have what they got. You are pretty much telling Yahuah (God) that you don’t appreciate the life that you currently have. Everything would be better if “I were them.” STOP DOING THIS BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE. You are being ungrateful. Oneday you are going to wake up mentally realizing that you have wasted your opportunities and try to access them. You will find out that thise very same opportunities that you once had may not be accessible anymore.

3) Stop disrespecting yourself

There is only one you. The heavenly father has given you gifts, talents, and abilities, just like everyone else. No one person is more special than the rest. Just like how you are marvelling after other people things. Someone is doing you the exact same way. DO NOT EVER FORGET that you have gifts, talent and abilities that have yet to be accessed. All of us are created different. Some of is show greatness immediately. While others have to grow into greatness. I think they call those particular individuals “late bloomers.” It doesn’t matter. Whether later, early, midday blooming. All that matter is did you bloom?

4) stop trying to have the complete package

My dad will always say, “you can’t have it all. You can’t win everything.” Smart man. We spend more time striving to be this complete person. Failing to realize that we will never achieve this. Show me one perfect, complete individual walking the face of this Earth. Go ahead, show me. I’ll wait. I’m waiting.


Look life is like sports. Sports being a microcosm for life. Everyday is another day to get better. You strive everyday for excellence, not obtain it in five minutes. It’s a marathon not a sprint.

5) Work on sharpening what you have, not what you don’t have.

We are all blessed with attributes that help is survive in the world. The talents, gifts and abilities that were are born with are essential. When they are not exercised and given the appropriate attention that they warrant. We become missed placed and lose out on life.

6) Stop trying to become somebody, something and someone that you are not.

“Be secure in who you are and what you are.” This particular episode of “Kings of Queens.” Carey has been pressured by her dad Arthur Spooner into making a Thanksgiving dinner just like her deased mother used to. When going through the grocery store she runs into a women with a cart full of ingredients to make a thanksgiving dinner. Carey ask the lady questions on making stuffing and really Carey could cook so she really just wanted to use the women’s grocery list as a cheat sheet for assistance on what to buy. So instead of telling her father that she is not going to cook a traditional Thanksgiving meal. She decides to follow the women throughout the store. Every isle this women went down Carey was there. Carey grabbed and put in the cart every grocery item that the women grab. Now just because Carey has the exact same grocery items as the other women. Does that mean Carey is the exact same cook as the women from the grocery store?

(Think about it)

Final Note:

Be yourself. There is only one you. CumtivstC your gifts, talents and abilities. Admire no man, but Yahuah (God) and you will achieve the inevitable.

With man this is impossible; but with God all things are possible

Matthew 19:26

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Be Eazy, Stay Blessed


Fisher Of Men


I guess, I’m just not motivated


“To reach your destination, you need a direction, but you can’t get there without inspiration”


Imagine going to the gym day after day working toward that ideal body. When you first opened a gym membership you were sold this idea that this particular gym is the best ever. Helping you get that summer beach body is their first and only priority. The gym representatives take you on a tour of the facility. You see that the gym has some pretty cool features. The gym have a spa, massage room, sauna, pools, rock climbing, basketball courts, etc. All throughout the facility you see posters advertising “this could be you” with both male and female having the perfect toned, sculped body that you dream of having. As you’re walking through the facility you’re noticing the various different people working out in the gym. From your point of view it appears that everyone there has reached their goal of being toned, firm, strong and muscular. Not taking into account that there are a couple of scrwany people sprinkled throughout the gym. Once completion of the paper work, touring and processing of payment is complete. You shake hands with the gym manager and leave. On your way out your walking pass the apperal and water bottles. Out of you peripheral, to the far right of the service desk you spot a poster.


You hear a voice in the distant say “bye, have a nice day.” You responded “you too” off of impulse, but you are both mesmerized and questioning how accurate this poster is toward getting results. So you pull out your phone and snap a quick pic to keep as a constant reminder. Never really realizing that this poster is proped in front of the door for people to see. You finally leave the gym; walking through the parking lot to your car. You tell yourself “that’s going to be me.” In twelve weeks the whole world will see a new and improved me. Driving down the street you start playing in your head frame by frame how your body is going to morph overtime and mirror the models body advertised on the gym posters. You receive this fuzzy, warm, tingling, euphoric feeling as you keep repeating “this should be easy to accomplish. I got the blueprint for accomplishing this. I just go to the gym and work out everyday. I will see change happening to my body over the course of me reaching these three milestones.”

Now from week 1 to week 6 you faced alot of trials and tribulations. You never once considered the work that it will take for you to recieve the body of your dreams. You walked into the gym off of manufactured confidence that was sold through advertisment.


I’m using this story because I noticed that as people we become uninspiried, unmotivated for things in our life that require determination, diligence and repetion. In the end it takes a process to get to your desired goal.

Here are 6 helpful for to stay the course:

1) Establish a vision for yourself

Since we don’t have a vision for ourselves many of times we begin a process with the mindset of “I’ll figure it out when I get there.” So what ends up happening to use is that we put our life, our responsibility into the hands of other people and expect them to complete the job for us. No, this is wrong because we are making other people accountable “in doing for us, what we can do for ourselves.” DO NOT run away from having a vision for your life. People understand that when you place the responsibility of your life into someone else hands you are crippling yourself. You are withholding yourself back from wholeness and happiness.  One of the most powerful things in this world that a human can do is “make up his/her mind.” Be mentally invested in your own life.

2) What’s your plan for action/blueprint

Coming up with a plan for action or blueprint is very important as well. I mean you must seek out ways that you will fulfill a goal. DO NOT be afraid to do research for what you are seeking for in life. Becoming knowledgeable on topics of interest not only shows that you are immersing yourself, but you are finding ways on how to “begin” the process. This is important because how can draw up a blueprint and act on it if you do not know where to begin?

3) Put plan into motion/act on it

“Stop waiting for the prefect time. There is no such thing. Only now or never.” Many times there arise a excuse but I want to inform you about something. This is classified information. Ready. Okay. In life we are given many wonderful opportunities and while that is a blessing to have. Your opportunities are only for a moment. If you choose to not act on it then it will and can pass you by. So realize that everyday you open your eyes you have a chance to grab hold to your plan, purpose, destiny and take the opportunities for what it is worth. Your window of opportunity is only for a moment. So act on it now.

4) Remember be patient

Everything takes times before you can see the full manifestation of the process. DO NOT feel discouraged when you don’t see results in a short amount of time or a projected time. It’s natural for us to rush growth. We expect to see results in 5 minutes from something that may take a lifetime to change. Now, the rate at which you start or perform does not equal results right away. You just started, so you are in a building stage; establishing a sturdy, firm foundation.

5) Don’t give up/endure til the end

Alot of times we get bored with the process and seek newer forms of stimuli to excite us; keep us in tune with the process. No, that is not how life works. You are in the process of building toward greatness and by you changing the plan you will throw off your rhythm, “MESS UP YOUR FLOW.” You have yet to see if the plan works. So why go and change it? “Because you are not at the place that you desire to be. This is supposed to be your motivation.” DO NOT look for this instant oatmeal solution to a problem. “How fast you get it, that is how fast you can lose it.” I know that we want to skip the process and get the results, but you will miss the lesson of working hard for what you want. Establishing the determination, stamina and endurance you need to succeed. You do not want to reach your goal, then later in life having to go backwards istead of moving forward because along the way you did not develop the knowledge and understanding to obtain and maintain. DO NOT SEE BEAUTY in going from 1 to 10 and missing steps 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9. THE REAL BEAUTY IS IN THE PROCESS NOT THE REWARD.




Was The Oscars really attacking Kevin’s character??

Martin as (Sheneneh Jenkins, Big Mama, and Mama Payne)


Jamie Foxx (Wanda)


Eddie Murphy (Nutty professor and Norbit)


Tyler Perry (Madea)


And now Kevin Hart


All of these men at one point in their careers had to bow down and dress in women’s garments as a way to perpetuate the agenda for the elites through comedy and movies. The For all nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication, and the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her, and the merchants of the earth are waxed rich through the abundance of her delicacies Revelation 18:3. This propaganda machine continuously serves society information of the new age movement to accept and conform.

cup in the whore hand


Now, for Mr. Hart I remember seeing a interview years ago from one of his promotional trips for a movie that he was in. A African American Jamaal Finkley reporter asked Kevin, “As a black comedian would you consider wearing a dress like the other great black comedians that have done it?” Kevin Hart looked as if he were searching for answers to the question. However, his answer went a long the lines of that he would not do it, because he is funny without the dress. Later that same year or the next, Saturday Night Live had comedian Kevin Hart as a special guest host. In one of the skits that Mr. Hart did the world seen him come out in women’s garments. Kevin Hart goes on a promotional tour for his stand up film “Let Me Explain” were he did his best to justify the SNL skit of him wearing a dress. Same reporter Jamaal Finkley ask Hart about SNL Quvenzhane Wallis Pope skit. Hart states, “I was one of those comedians that said no I would not wear a dress. When proposed with the opportunity of what I felt was funny I thought it’s funny I’ma do it. Quvenzhane it’s relevant, it’s funny, she’s small. I can do the whole thing it’ll be funny. I think now knowing about the opportunities that, that can be thrown at you it’s all about choice you know. Nobody makes you do anything. Nobody says this is what you got to do, it’s the only way that you gonna do it. nobody made Marin put on a dress in Big Momma’s House. Nobody made Tyler Perry put on the dress as Madea. Nobody made Jamie Foxx put on the dress as Wanda and nobody made Martin do it as Sheneneh. You know it was a choice uh and on Saturday Night Live, you know it was a choice that I made. So I think it’s all about your, your pick of what’s funny to you and what you feel will be funny to others. I will say that’s the knowledge that I now have and understand but being on the outside looking in you always go oh I ain’t gone do it, no way uh-uh, why I gotta do it. I ain’t gone compromise myself, for what I am who I am. But then you at a movie and it calls for a funny scene and hey what if you went in this way. If it’s actually funny then it’s funny. So at the end of the day I think funny is funny and you can’t put rules and regulations on funny, you can’t.” 

79g1 My brotha you sound like a babbling fool who contradicted himself. I’m sorry but you can’t proclaim that man dressing in drag is funny, when Yahuah (God) call this act an abomination.

The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman’s garment: for all that do so are abomination unto the Lord thy God Deuteronomy 22:5.

No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other Matthew 6:24

Kevin Hart is not exempt from doing what his masters propose for him to do. It’s pretty obvious the Oscars are publicly making a example out of Kevin Hart. Since the beginning of 2019 Hart has made appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres show, The Stephen Colbert show and Good Morning America to do a interview with Michael Strahan. It is clear that Kevin was not just attending these talk shows to promote his new movie “The Upside” which ironically mirrors Kevin’s situation. Don’t believe me just look at The Breakfast Club with DJ Envy, Charlemagne Tha God, and Angela Ye on YouTube at the 7:00 minute mark, Kevin also agrees with this as well. Nor talk about his up and coming projects. The interviews mostly were about the gay tweets from 8-10 years ago and why he is not hosting the Oscars. Kevin gives the same answer over and over again in all of his interviews “I am over it.” 

Kevin is given the opportunity to tell his side of the story on Ellen DeGeneres Show it became apparent to me that a agenda was being promoted to the masses. The narrative that was being propagated was Kevin’s image is under attack and somebody is trying to destroy his celebrity. This was being done because of a gay tweet 8-10 years ago that Hart says that he has since then apologized and realized that his comments at the time of his son’s one year old birthday party was very insensitive. Therefore he is educated on the harm that his words has caused and has grown up and moved on. He repeats a few times talking to Ellen that people change over time and why should he have to constantly revisit something that he has already since then acknowledge to be wrong on his part and has taken full responsibility and has apologized numerous times. Where are the tapes of me doing that Kevin states?? Ellen response is rethink this decision, don’t let them win. You should host the Oscars for us because we would all want to see you do it.

Note: (Just more misdirection for the masses. when the Magician waves his hands and say this is where the magic is happening the real trick is happening somewhere else, but let’s move on.)

Stephen Colbert and Kevin Hart sat down to discuss the Oscars. Very similar to the Ellen show, Kevin Hart echoed the same statements. “I am over it. It is an onion, it is an onion. So no matter how many times you keep peeling it, it is just endless. If you keep peeling it, it just doesn’t stop. There is no end to it. Like I apologized. Apologized again. I said I apologized before. I apologized after that apology. It keeps going and every headline is you apologized. He apologized again. He just apologized. I’m done, I did it, I am over it. There is no more I can do. I’ve done it.”

Very foretelling Colbert says, “It’s interesting because I have done this kind of job for about 14 years. I have said a lot of things over the years, that upset various people.”

Kevin interrupts and says, “because you’re human.”

Stephen: “Yeah, yeah and probably not really nice one, but I found that it’s not over until the audience is over it, not when I am over it. So do you have a sense of that the audience is over it.”

Kevin replies: Here’s the difference. You can continue to live to please others, or you can have a position when you know that you’ve literally done what you can do to try to please. At that moment, when you know that you’ve given all to try to please and it’s still not received you have to make a decision to go, I’m done trying to please. That’s where I’m at.” 

Source: (https://www.eonline.com written by Elyse Dupre)

Stephen replies: “That’s very difficult for an entertainer because part of a entertainer job is to please.”

The statement that Colbert said holds a lot of validity, because Hart like many of his Hollyweird peers say when receiving a reward in their acceptance speech “To my fan thank you, I am nothing without you.” Kevin Hart has to be careful because he is a celebrity with a strong cult of personality. He has fans that look up to him, both young and old. His fans follow, consume and latch onto his every word. His fans believe his personality that is being portrayed through a camera to be authentic. His fans look at him and believes that he is a man’s man. He a voice for the voiceless. His fans believes that he’s relatable; there is a little bit of Kevin Hart in all of us. His connection is strong with his fans. Everything that Hart does from standup, to movies, to his social media is for public consumption. So going back to Stephen Colbert’s comments, being a entertainer is about pleasing the public, the fans, his audience.

Question….. If you have hurt or let someone down and you are being portrayed in a negative way publicly. Wouldn’t you do everything possible, even if that means repeatedly apologize for something that after a while may come across as a bit disingenuous. While also losing a little bit of dignity, self-respect, integrity, and happiness just to keep your “public image intact?”

What Colbert is alluding to is the price of being a entertainer, celebrity, and famous is that everything said or done is for public consumption. Due to celebrities going trying to go against the grain for how society is set up and ran, they will be publicly made an example out of. So it would be in the celebrities best interest to ask for forgiveness numerous times from the audience until they fall back into favor with the audience.

Question… Just what audience is Stephen Colbert alluding to?

It’s sad that the brotha is now realizing that the world love his own John 15:19.

Then CNN’s Don Lemon put forth the sentiment that confirms this, “Kevin Hart should be an LGBTQ ally.”

I was already aware that this was just more social engineering the masses in accepting the hermaphrodite god (Baphomet-As above, so below the coming together of opposite) of this world and the LGBTQ community as the norm for life. However, after hearing Don Lemon’s comments It was conformation that this has nothing to do with Kevin Hart.

The powers that be don’t care about his image or his celebrity. He like many other celebrities are collateral; they’re puppets on a string. Kin to the Catholic Church rosary beads aka the “thought director.” They are set up as a proxy in society to be this idol of worship that in which the masses should continuously strive to become. Further distracting the masses from acknowledging that celebrities are just as stand in, representing someone or something that operates behind the scenes. Plucking the strings of not just the puppets but all of us. Preparing our yesterdays, todays, and tomorrows. Through the emitting and omitting of information that is being propagated to the masses through the puppets as a social engineering tactic to make us all “Allies” of the “Great Work.”

puppet on a string

So, with all of this being said. Should I or you be surprised if Kevin Hart hosted the Oscars February 24th? The answer is, no we shouldn’t.


As for me and my household we will serve the lord.

Joshua 24:15



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