via Daily Prompt: Foreign

It seems just like yesterday I was closed off to myself. I were walking down the street just another face in Chicago. I was wondering, hoping that someone would notice my intelligence and my kind heart. Talking to people day after day and hearing them tell me man your voice is powerful and keyshaun you got something special that you need to share with the people. God has given you a voice and he has an audience waiting for you, you have to accept the calling. My friends and family would encourage me to start a YouTube channel or make my own website, but I wouldn’t do it. I was a little put off by the idea because I’m not interested in social media or having my face on video. So I continued doing the same thing day after day; walking down the streets of Chicago with intelligence in my mind but a closed mouth not willing to see all that I could be if I would just open it. You know if someone would have told me that I would be writing a blog, having my own website, giving of myself to help people I would have laughed them out of the building. This is different to me. It’s weird in a go way. It’s definitely something to pull me out of my comfort zone and I appreciate this. I catch myself sitting back thinking Bruh, hahaa, you got your own website where you can be you. That’s dope, that’s so cool and I’m happy. I rather be doing this than doing nothing at all.