(This is not a bathroom, just thought it was a dope looking bathroom)

via Photo Challenge: Favorite Place

Whatever I do, it’s in my favorite place and that’s cool because it’s my space. My favorite place for some strange reasoning is my apartment bathroom. It’s my place of peace. It’s a place where I can go and be me. It’s a place that’s quiet, not chaotic. I can read, I can hear myself think. I can strategize and plan my day from most to least important things. My secret place is so quiet I can actually hear myself sneeze and my echo will tell me bless you. After a long day at work I return home and go into my favorite place and regather myself (pause, double pause, I just reread what I wrote and see how that can be taken in a twisted way). My favorite place is weird but it’s a place that I can go into and have alone time because it’s my space. I can focus and do everything that I am not able to do when I am at work. I can binge watch YouTube clips all day long. I can come up with ideas of what I want to write about. Or I can go to my favorite place and escape the ups and downs of this world and jam to some tunes 🎼🎡🎢. Or I can go into my favourite place and shower sing like a Grammy award winning singer. Whatever I do, its in my favorite place and that’s cool because it’s my space.