Certain incidents occur in life that bring sorrow, no hope for tomorrow and makes the foreseeable future not foreseeable at all. As people we allow these incidents to dictate and dominate our lives. We see these incidents as failures; something that stopped us from going forward. Next, we quit and justify why we didn’t continue, why we are not at the place that we intended to be, play the blame game (point the finger at others and say they are the reason for us not moving on), create a narrative that allows us to linger in our sorrow, but appear that we want answers and solutions when really we want people to feel sorry for what has occurred in our life. Notice how in all that I wrote we never once thought that maybe this is a stumbling block, a obstacle to overcome, a redirection, a detour or simply a setback. Now a redirection necessarily is not a setback. It’s actually good to be redirected because there may be a different path that certain ones need to take so they can accomplish a goal or reach a certain level in life. A setback is a problem that makes moving forward difficult and success less likely to occur. Notice that a setback is a problem that makes things difficult and less likely to occur, not its a garuantee that it won’t occur. That’s a problem for most, when problems occur we quickly give up trying, we give up faith and quit moving forward. This is due to us not wanting to change or become redefined. We never know but we may need to tackle this situation differently. We claim a setback as a defeat because it is not easy for us to accomplish. We got to ask ourselves when has anything that requires us to give our all or change our ways for the better ever been easy, especially when we have been doing the same thing for multiple years expecting positive results. We claim setbacks as a problem that stopped us from moving forward because it is easy to blame a situation on something or someone that can not be held accountable for the reasons why things never got accomplished in our life. On this earth there is a culture of blaming tangible and intangible things. But its not their fault. They are not the ones that wanted to be happier 10 years from now. They are not the ones that said I see myself a millionaire in 5 years. I see myself being the man that I need to be to support my family, I see myself begin a leader and etc…. It is easy to make some else accountable for your things, especially when you do not want to be questioned on the status of your success from day one til the day you leave this earth. It is easier to brush it off like it’s not a big deal, when we all see each other sweating hoping for answers, solutions and a change SOON! But how, how can you be a leader when you run from accountability. A leader stands firm and understands his position in knowing that whatever he speaks or sows that he has to take an account for it. No matter what his title or position is he too is not exempt from a level of scrutiny. So what am I saying. A setback is something that is a problem that appears to stop all of us from success, but really it just slows you down. We as a people have to stop claiming defeat as a setback and we never stood back and analyzed our problems as a whole so we can see how to maneuver through this.

Remember in all of this we must use GOD and some problems come dressed up in our life as mountain that can not be moved, but really it is a setback that can be told “MOVE” because it is in the direction where you need to go. (Matthew 21:21)

Love yall be blessed and encourage