via Daily Prompt: Provoke

I told you to stop

You kept going

Now you pushed me to the edged

But I gave warning

Now it’s my fault when I came to you

Made known that there was a problem

I see what you are doing but I’m willing to comprise the unknowing

Let’s reach a form of agreement

This thing has to stop

Instead you run and tell others so they can beware

Beware of who? Me

Now you tell a narrative

Sowing seeds of confusion and discord

Spreading rumors and lies

Covering the truth, for your own demise

Everytime I walk past you, I can see proof

You’re guilty and on edge

You know that you messed up

So you have Intel keeping a close eye on me

You’re always doing something that you have no business doing

You strike first, hoping that I feel your raft

But you see that I’m stronger than that and it does nothing to me

Now you’re left wondering, questioning what I am thinking about

What are my plans and strategies

When will I strike back

Please, get over yourself

You need not to worry

I told you face to face

I have nothing more to say and we have nothing to talk about

You’re concerned with something, someone that does not concern you

Things are out of place, and you’re out of place too

As for me life moves on

But I wish you well in all of your endeavors

You pushed me to the edge

You pushed me off the cliff

You don’t realize this, my anger is checked

But I must admit

You provoked me

You provoked me to chase my future

A future that I refuse to miss

-Keyshaun Collins