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It seems just like yesterday I was closed off to myself. I were walking down the street just another face in Chicago. I was wondering, hoping that someone would notice my intelligence and my kind heart. Talking to people day after day and hearing them tell me man your voice is powerful and keyshaun you got something special that you need to share with the people. God has given you a voice and he has an audience waiting for you, you have to accept the calling. My friends and family would encourage me to start a YouTube channel or make my own website, but I wouldn’t do it. I was a little put off by the idea because I’m not interested in social media or having my face on video. So I continued doing the same thing day after day; walking down the streets of Chicago with intelligence in my mind but a closed mouth not willing to see all that I could be if I would just open it. You know if someone would have told me that I would be writing a blog, having my own website, giving of myself to help people I would have laughed them out of the building. This is different to me. It’s weird in a go way. It’s definitely something to pull me out of my comfort zone and I appreciate this. I catch myself sitting back thinking Bruh, hahaa, you got your own website where you can be you. That’s dope, that’s so cool and I’m happy. I rather be doing this than doing nothing at all.

Some day, Maybe today

Some days may bring disappointments, but stay strong, don’t give up. Keep moving forward being hopeful that your day will get better. When faced with disappointments laugh at the problem (it is a waste of your time, energy and effort to linger in disappointments), smile through the pain (remember what you are experiencing happens for a reason). When you cry have tears of joy. Rejoice because your disappointments are only for a moment but the joy of the lord is your strength (Nehemiah 8:10; Psalms 28:7).

Favorite place


(This is not a bathroom, just thought it was a dope looking bathroom)

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Whatever I do, it’s in my favorite place and that’s cool because it’s my space. My favorite place for some strange reasoning is my apartment bathroom. It’s my place of peace. It’s a place where I can go and be me. It’s a place that’s quiet, not chaotic. I can read, I can hear myself think. I can strategize and plan my day from most to least important things. My secret place is so quiet I can actually hear myself sneeze and my echo will tell me bless you. After a long day at work I return home and go into my favorite place and regather myself (pause, double pause, I just reread what I wrote and see how that can be taken in a twisted way). My favorite place is weird but it’s a place that I can go into and have alone time because it’s my space. I can focus and do everything that I am not able to do when I am at work. I can binge watch YouTube clips all day long. I can come up with ideas of what I want to write about. Or I can go to my favorite place and escape the ups and downs of this world and jam to some tunes 🎼🎵🎶. Or I can go into my favourite place and shower sing like a Grammy award winning singer. Whatever I do, its in my favorite place and that’s cool because it’s my space.

Daily Prompt: Provoke

via Daily Prompt: Provoke

I told you to stop

You kept going

Now you pushed me to the edged

But I gave warning

Now it’s my fault when I came to you

Made known that there was a problem

I see what you are doing but I’m willing to comprise the unknowing

Let’s reach a form of agreement

This thing has to stop

Instead you run and tell others so they can beware

Beware of who? Me

Now you tell a narrative

Sowing seeds of confusion and discord

Spreading rumors and lies

Covering the truth, for your own demise

Everytime I walk past you, I can see proof

You’re guilty and on edge

You know that you messed up

So you have Intel keeping a close eye on me

You’re always doing something that you have no business doing

You strike first, hoping that I feel your raft

But you see that I’m stronger than that and it does nothing to me

Now you’re left wondering, questioning what I am thinking about

What are my plans and strategies

When will I strike back

Please, get over yourself

You need not to worry

I told you face to face

I have nothing more to say and we have nothing to talk about

You’re concerned with something, someone that does not concern you

Things are out of place, and you’re out of place too

As for me life moves on

But I wish you well in all of your endeavors

You pushed me to the edge

You pushed me off the cliff

You don’t realize this, my anger is checked

But I must admit

You provoked me

You provoked me to chase my future

A future that I refuse to miss

-Keyshaun Collins






Problems that are disguised as a setback

Certain incidents occur in life that bring sorrow, no hope for tomorrow and makes the foreseeable future not foreseeable at all. As people we allow these incidents to dictate and dominate our lives. We see these incidents as failures; something that stopped us from going forward. Next, we quit and justify why we didn’t continue, why we are not at the place that we intended to be, play the blame game (point the finger at others and say they are the reason for us not moving on), create a narrative that allows us to linger in our sorrow, but appear that we want answers and solutions when really we want people to feel sorry for what has occurred in our life. Notice how in all that I wrote we never once thought that maybe this is a stumbling block, a obstacle to overcome, a redirection, a detour or simply a setback. Now a redirection necessarily is not a setback. It’s actually good to be redirected because there may be a different path that certain ones need to take so they can accomplish a goal or reach a certain level in life. A setback is a problem that makes moving forward difficult and success less likely to occur. Notice that a setback is a problem that makes things difficult and less likely to occur, not its a garuantee that it won’t occur. That’s a problem for most, when problems occur we quickly give up trying, we give up faith and quit moving forward. This is due to us not wanting to change or become redefined. We never know but we may need to tackle this situation differently. We claim a setback as a defeat because it is not easy for us to accomplish. We got to ask ourselves when has anything that requires us to give our all or change our ways for the better ever been easy, especially when we have been doing the same thing for multiple years expecting positive results. We claim setbacks as a problem that stopped us from moving forward because it is easy to blame a situation on something or someone that can not be held accountable for the reasons why things never got accomplished in our life. On this earth there is a culture of blaming tangible and intangible things. But its not their fault. They are not the ones that wanted to be happier 10 years from now. They are not the ones that said I see myself a millionaire in 5 years. I see myself being the man that I need to be to support my family, I see myself begin a leader and etc…. It is easy to make some else accountable for your things, especially when you do not want to be questioned on the status of your success from day one til the day you leave this earth. It is easier to brush it off like it’s not a big deal, when we all see each other sweating hoping for answers, solutions and a change SOON! But how, how can you be a leader when you run from accountability. A leader stands firm and understands his position in knowing that whatever he speaks or sows that he has to take an account for it. No matter what his title or position is he too is not exempt from a level of scrutiny. So what am I saying. A setback is something that is a problem that appears to stop all of us from success, but really it just slows you down. We as a people have to stop claiming defeat as a setback and we never stood back and analyzed our problems as a whole so we can see how to maneuver through this.

Remember in all of this we must use GOD and some problems come dressed up in our life as mountain that can not be moved, but really it is a setback that can be told “MOVE” because it is in the direction where you need to go. (Matthew 21:21)

Love yall be blessed and encourage


Things happen

Things begin to get missed

Things get overlooked

Then things begin to drift

Out of all of this,

That one thing just happened

I swear, I thought that I kept a close eye on it

I guess I missed it

I must admit,

I was paying so close of attention to these things

That this one particular thing got overlooked

Dang, I can’t believe I didn’t see it.

Rejoice for today is a new day

Happy Saturday everyone. This is the day that the Lord has made, we shall rejoice and be glad in it. Whether you woke up at 7am or woke up like my self at 1pm. Be glad on today. Rejoice because you were able to see another day. Rejoice because you are able to accomplish today what you were not able to accomplish on yesterday. Rejoice because you have another day to get it right. Don’t wake up burden down. Don’t wake up stressed because you have a list of tasks to complete. Don’t wake up expecting this day to be filled with conflict. Wake up hopeful for peace, happiness, joy, love and a new beginning. Start today off (whatever time you wake on Saturday) rejoicing and being glad. Don’t bring yesterday troubles into today. For today is a new.