Every last one of us in this world. So that’s about carry the 1 add the 2 subtract 8, divide by 9, square root, okay so 7,632,819,325 is going through something on this earth. Now, whether we are the blame for it or not is up for discussion. All of us are searching for an answer to our problems. Instead of that answer we hear what we did wrong, why it is wrong, what we could have done better, why that particular situation should have never occurred. Just a never-ending cycle of reliving the past, right?

Maybe we keep reliving the past because the person telling us our faults does not have a clear understanding of what went wrong and why we are going through these situations. So they have a free pass to beat us over the head figuratively with constant reminders until they figure out an answer to our problems.

Maybe we keep reliving the past because we feel that we were dealt a bad hand in life.

Maybe we keep reliving the past because we tell ourselves that “I’m one of those people that have to test the waters, because that is the only way that I will know if it’s deep or shallow.”

The reason for all of us reliving the past is because we do not want a solution. In this solution we gain knowledge, understanding and accountability. This is what separates us from one another. You have some willing to gain that wisdom. While others embrace the same daily cycle. As people we cringe at the sight or sound of a solution, because it is easier for us to reject change. It is easier for us to reject growth. It is easier for us to keep lying to ourselves saying that everything is alright when it really isn’t. It is easier for us to continue embracing bondage in our lives, because for some of us being tangled and snared by our own issues, is all we know. It is easier for us to reject help. A help that is a teacher, a guide preparing us to overcome areas in our life that we are not equipped to handle.

However, we the lie is that it is not hard to change. It does not take everything with you to want better. It takes more strength to pretend that you have overcome something that really has taken charge over you. All of us can fool one another. We can pretend like everything is alright. We can hide behind our mask and say “I’m good,” “everything’s alright.” When we go home and are to ourselves those same thoughts haunt us. It mimics us as we say “How did I get here?” “I didn’t expect to go this far.”

We keep being in this same cycle because we all live by this model, “I am the captain of my life. I am the protector of my soul. I control my destiny.” How are we in charge of life. How are we the captain and protector. When we can’t add one cubit unto our stature. God is in control and I’m so glad that he sits high and looks low. When we’re in trouble we can shout “Jesus” because he’s our help. The situations that we are all battling with may seem big but it’s not. We may have situations in our life that seem everlasting, and it is not. No matter what we are going through nothing is impossible for God. Our situations God is bigger than. He’s more potent and powerful than any situation we can face. We just have to call on him and stop trying to be the captain of a sea that’s getting the best of us. So on today who is your captain? Who is your protector? Who has the control?

Be blessed and stay encouraged.