You don’t know my story
You don’t know my pain
You can’t possibly understand all that I been through
All the opposition that I had to face
Countless nights of crying and suffering
Worrying, questioning, when will this all be over?
Telling myself that it’s just a dream, when it’s my reality
You look at me like this prefect being
My life through the eyes of you look untouched;
no blemish
Look closely and you will see the boldness that I had;
remaining brave when situations in my life warrant me to quit, give up and just die
The confidence in keeping the faith in difficult times
Having the foresight to see the end while I am still searching for my beginning.
You don’t know my story
You don’t know my pain
Through the eyes of you all you see is what I have gained
but make no mistake about it
What I have gained is minor compared to what remains.
The boldness and confidence to preserver through tough times and not be afraid;
that my situation can change and my life won’t remain the same.

–Keyshaun Collins

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Be blessed and stay encouraged

Side note this post is not about me. I wrote what I thought courage would sound like. Well lets talk what are some of your interpretations of Courage or have you been through things that you had to show courage in to preserver.