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Be patient for everything and anxious for nothing.

From The Darkness Into The Light

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“I will trust and not be afraid.” Isaiah 12:2

Most of us struggle to “be anxious for nothing,” but we can learn to rely on God if we know the difference between faith and trust.

Let’s imagine you’re near the beautiful but dangerous Niagara Falls. A circus performer has strung a rope across the falls with the intention of pushing a wheelbarrow from one side to the other. Just before stepping on the rope, he asks you, “Do you think I can accomplish this feat?”

His reputation has preceded him, so you reply that you believe he can walk the tightrope. In other words, you have faith that he will succeed. Then he says, “If you really believe I can do it, how about getting in the wheelbarrow and crossing with me?” Accepting his invitation would be an example of remarkable trust.

It isn’t difficult for some people to believe…

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Author of quote is anonymous

Hey have you ever talked to a person or was trying to explain something to a person and they think that you know what you are taking about so they jump to conclusions and start answering what they think that you are saying. You find yourself looking at them with a serious look on your face and ask them did you get the message? What was the point that I was trying to convey to you? They can’t answer the question so you say to them. Could you listen please and then you start re-explaining all over again. Half way through re-explaining you just give up and say never mind you’ll find out someday. This happens because that person was not listening. They were jumping to conclusions and answering what they thought that you were saying. They were not really following the message so they could understand the information within the conversation that could benefit them. I believe that most people miss the message because they don’t believe that the message is for them. They were just listening long enough so they can get a word in. That’s what I think about when I read this quote.

So peace


Love is universal


Quote Author Anonymous.

True we all need love it does cover a multitude of sin but I would add something else. This world doesn’t just need love. We need to acknowledge the one true living God. We need Order and structure. When you are as out of place as the people on this world are you need a leader and not of man. No but the Creator.


Reblog: Politics….Does it belongs in the Church?

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This is interesting I wonder what do many if you think about this question?

Personally me politics shouldn’t exist let alone be in the church but then again there are many churches under a 501c so alot of these pastors and their sermons are bought and paid for. People have to understand that the church is not a building it’s the body of Christ. Politics is nothing but confusion constantly keeping masses of people in a state of confusion voting Democratic or republic. Having people select left or right. Red or blue. Watching these debates and see if with our own eyes that neither side is good but we compromise and pick the lesser of the two evils but it does no good. Because both are from the same tree. Naw politics shouldn’t be in the church. The people should be focus on their president, their king being the heavenly father not a man that writes checks that his ass can’t cash. Naw politics shouldn’t be in the church because it’s game with no end. Politics shouldn’t be in the church because their fighting for the as above so below. The coming together of opposites. The order out of chaos. Naw politics Shouldn’t be in the church because we’re voting and getting emotional on crooks in suits. Naw politics shouldn’t be in the church because it’s human error. How is the same ones creating problems have the answer to solving it.
So peace

A New Day With Fibromyalgia

prayer handsTime and time again there has been much association with Politics and “The Church”. Should pastors preach or teach about politics or their views on who we should pick for candidates running for offices? Yes, we can and should pray for whom ever is holding offices, but to go as far as to tell us which way we should sway is outlandish.
Listening to the sermons of pastors that feel that they must add their political belief during Sunday service is unwarranted and ill advised. One may see this as a under hand attempt to lead God’s sheep’s down a path that’s unconstitutional. One must be free to pick any candidate running for office without any interference from the Church.
Just think about how this goes in your regular Church, have you ever sense that your pastor interjects now and again about how well Donald Trump is doing? Has he…

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Reblog: Be Thankful

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Christian Mom

We read in Exodus 15 that right after the Lord delivered the Israelites from the hands of Pharoah by miraculously dividing the red sea, they sang and worshipped the Lord through a song. However, It is ironic that just after the victory, the miracles, and the powerful hand that God has shown them – they grumbled to the Lord.

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Reblog: 5 Steps for a Healthier Mind

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A healthier mind equals a healthier lifestyle

A Life Blogger

Hi everyone,

As mentionned in my previous post I have gone through a bit of a breakdown in the past year where I was feeling lost, like I did not belong in this world and was starting to go really dark in my mind. At the same time of probably going towards depression I was suffering from general anxiety disorder (GAD) where every day worry was taking over my life and my brain, I constantly felt like I was not enough and that any steps that I took could make the world fall down.

I was starting to have panic attacks, difficult times to breathe, hard to concentrate and joint/stomach pains. I was not being efficient at work and I definetely did not feel present in the moments of my life. That’s when I decided it was enough and that it was not a life that I wanted to live…

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